Quality Auto Upholstery

Auto Upholstery in Ventura, California

One of the most common upholstery requests is for car interiors.  Auto upholstery becomes worn from constant, daily, and repetitive usage and contact.  There are several popular options for upholstery materials.  In many cases vehicles will use two or three different materials for various surfaces within the vehicle's interior.

Nylon fabric is a good choice depending on your requirements because it is resistant to tearing, staining, fairly inexpensive, and is generally easy to clean. 

Faux vinyl is sometimes used as a visual or functional substitute for suede or leather.  Faux vinyl is durable, provides a leather-esque appearance, and serves as a great substitute for these other materials for less expense.

PCV is another material behaves similar to vinyl.  This is the material that becomes slightly adhesive when heated.  PCV is lower cost than vinyl, faux vinyl, leather, or suede, so it was once commonly used in economy vehicles, but its rarely used on new vehicles in 2014.

Real vinyl is durable, can be easily cleaned, and generally can be manipulated to feel and look several different ways.  Vinyl can be an excellent choice depending on your project.

Faux leather is extremely flexible, can be altered to achieve an assortment of specialized visual appearances such as animal skins or other embossed textures.  Faux leather is really fun to work with because so many different things can be done with with it.  It is also very tough and resists blemishing well.

Leather is typically the most luxurious choice for auto interior.  The great majority of luxury automobiles utilize leather for the great majority of the vehicle's interior.  Leather is extremely durable, can be conditioned to be very soft and comfortable, and is visually beautiful.  For these reasons leather is typically the default choice for custom auto upholstery, but tastes vary from person to person and leather may not be right for every person, vehicle, or application.

Suede is preferred over leather by some people for its extra soft feel and extreme level of comfort.  Suede is more delicate than leather and requires more careful attention and care to maintain it.  If comfort is the name of your game, consider suede first!

Brushed Nylon is a soft fabric.  Its not usually the first choice for seating surfaces, but it may be used for sides, doors, floors.

Tweed is a rugged, woven fabric.  Several yarn colors can be woven together to create unique and beautiful color schemes and textures.  Tweed is highly durable and can be comparable to leather in terms of ruggedness.  Tweed is a popular choice for seats and door trims.  In some cases tweed is paired with leather to create unique interior fabric configurations.  We love tweed!

Fabric choice is a very personal choice, and tastes will vary greatly from person to person.  We provide the opportunity to completely customize your vehicle with an upholstery scheme that is unique as you.  If you're interested in a fabric you don't see listed here then we recommend that you contact us to discuss the various options.